Pest Control Services

Following are some of the pest control services that A2Z Pest Control LLC offers in and around the Pittsburgh area including Allegheny and Washington Counties:

Termites-  **We are not taking on new termite work this year.

A2Z Pest Control will inspect your home if you suspect termites.  


The goal of A2Z Pest Control LLC is to eliminate the ant colony when we treat your home.  This provides the best long term solution for you and your family.  A2Z Pest Control LLC services carpenter ants, pavement ants, and more.  


A2Z Pest Control LLC feels it's just as important to treat the outside of the home as it is the inside.  We look to find and patch potential entry areas around the exterior.  A combination of treating and patching insures that rodents are less likely to reinfest anytime soon. Keep rats and mice away!


Boxelder Bugs

These insects appear mostly on the warm side of a house.  They come from boxelder trees and also from maple & ash trees as well.  They will also feed on the young fruit of grapes, apples, and plums.  A thorough exterior treatment is required.


Millipede infestations are so bad that sometimes people need to shovel them out of damp areas.  Maybe your infestation isn't that bad but populations can build up in a hurry.  A combination of moisture control and treatment provides the best control.


Centipedes, or “thousand leggers, can live up to 5 or 6 years.  They move indoors in search of moisture and are actually most active at night.  A2Z Pest Control LLC can provide an effective treatment as well as identify various contributing infestation factors which we can work with you to eliminate.

Stinging Insects

Whether you are dealing with wasps, yellow jackets, bumble bees, hornets, carpenter bees or other dangerous stinging insects-call A2Z Pest Control LLC to develop a treatment to  eliminate them from your house.  Many homemade treatments do not work and you possibly could get stung.

DO NOT seal any holes until the nest is professionally treated.


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